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Hire us to come to your event with drop in sessions featuring food displays, costume, archery, Lady's toiletries and make up, also potions and spells from the village wise woman (OK - witch).

Use the enquiry form on the contact page for more information or to request a quote.

Medieval or renaissance food displays.

We will set up a table, real food, not plastic, and engage with the public discussing the food on display, etiquette, customs etc.  (The photo is a one off Victorian display we were asked to do.)

Lady Margaret Campbell will explain the intricacies of a lady's wardrobe of the renaissance period from underwear to headwear.

Peg, the Lady's maid, will show you the personal hygiene and beautification products available to ladies of the medieval period, some of which might just turn your stomach!

Geoffrey the Archer will wander around your event talking to people about medieval archery and demonstrating the weapons he would have carried.

The village wise woman (OK - witch) can heal your illnesses, predict who you will marry or brew you a love potion.

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