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Ancient Arrows

I construct wooden arrows to ancient patterns, specialising in the medieval period. I do not keep a stock of arrows but will make them to suit your purpose to order, be it a sheaf or a singleton. Please email your requirements, use the enquiry form on the contact page.

A little history
I am a medieval re-enactor (Of the period 1300-1600AD) originally with the Guardians of the Realm and Fire & Sword in South West Scotland, I started making my own arrows as I couldn't buy ones I liked for a reasonable price. Other people liked what I made and suggested I sell them to a wider public - here I am.

Materials Used
I use period materials wherever possible and try to make the arrow look historically accurate. Having said that I tend to use modern glues and finishes where appearance won't be compromised.
Shafts can be any material from pine to bamboo, fletchings are usually turkey (Dyed to look like goose for medieval arrows); available heads vary with time, the best are usually hand forged (I use Hector Cole heads on my own display arrows and modern bullet piles for target shooting).  I'm happy to supply just the fletched shafts so you can add your own dangerous pointy bits yourself.

Below are some examples of recent arrows I have made, prices on application, please contact me to discuss your needs.


General medieval fletched arrow shaft for museum display (No head) made from poplar, sealed with linseed oil, just over 3/8th inch (13/32nd inch) diameter and 32 inches from nock to tip; despite the width red heads blunts do fit - just. I am reliably informed they spine at about 90 lb (Although I regularly shoot this type from a 25lb reenactment bow to good effect). Fletchings are just over 5 1/2 inches long (Not including whipped ends), bound with linen thread and the colours are: shaft - grey, cock - white; shaped in the triangular medieval fashion. Self nocked with black horn reenforcement.

Persian fletched arrow shaft of around 50BC made from bamboo, (To match an original leaf shaped arrow head owned by the client), coated with 2 layers of satin polyurethane varnish, 31 inches from nock to tip, unspined. Fletchings are crow tail feathers bound with sinew. Sinew reinforcement binding at self nock and arrow tip, tip shaped to accept tanged head.

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